Sandisk Clip Jam MP3 Player for Audiobooks

I love listening to audiobooks. I do it during the commute and the travel. I was using the iPhone Book app initially. But I cannot afford to drain my iPhone battery during the trips. It is a bit tricky to add books to Apple Books. I didn’t enjoy the process. I always need my MacBook to load it. The app doesn’t support Linux.

I was looking for an MP3 player. I found a couple of devices. It came down to Sony NWE394 and SanDisk Clip Jam 8GB. I found a cheaper Sony NWE394. I purchased it. Even though the listing said it would be new. I wasn’t new. I returned it immediately.

I ordered a SanDisk Clip Jam. I purchased the 8GB version. The package included a basic earphone. It is not super high quality. But for audiobooks, it will do. I used Apple earphones instead.

These are my findings:

  • The battery is excellent. I listen to audiobooks for 4-5 hours. (Even longer without charging again)
  • It turns off automatically. I love this feature.
  • MP3 format works very well! Dah!
  • M4B format is not supported.
  • The Clip Jam creates a “.POS” file to track the progress. It allows you to resume from the last checkpoint. This feature is ideal for audiobooks.
  • The order of files is a bit tricky. I use “A, B, C” prefixes to keep files in order.
  • The documentation says something about the playlist. I didn’t try it myself. I will update the post if it works.
  • I didn’t use Audible ebooks. But the product description says it is supported.
  • The Clip Jam works with Linux very well.


  • audiobook
  • mp3
  • m4b